Stuffed lobster

Stuffed lobster

Stuffed lobster


08 April 2018



About El Puerto de San Blas

San Blas is located about 44 miles northwest of the state capital of Tepic, on the coast of the state of Nayarit amid lush tropical estuaries and lagoons. Though a small village, San Blas, founded in the 17th Century, was an important port for over two Centuries as well as a main shipbuilding center during the period of the Spanish colonization. Fishing is one of it's main resources- There is excellent deep sea fishing for sailfish, dorado (mahi-mahi) and other catches, and fleets of shrimp boats work out the area. The town offers a variety of clean and comfortable tourist facilities; sightseeing can include visits to the remains of the old Fort and Custom House of colonial times, as well as the Hill of the Contaduria and the ruins of the Temple of San Basilio (XVIII Century).
Not far from town, on the shores of large and sweeping Mantachen Bay, visitors can enjoy outings to the caves and beaches and the seafood restaurants of Las Islitas. Mangoes, bananas and many other tropical fruits are grown in the rich soil of the region. Besides the fact that the flora and fauna, both in the tropical forest and the sea, are spectacular and include orchids, mangroves, crocodiles, tropical fish, migrating whales, flowering tropical vines, iguanas and both sea and land turtles. Regularly the beaches keep warm temperatures all year round.

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